Divaldi Addina: No Boundaries"speed kills... live for Gitar Plus Magazine

It was 13 07 2014.. at Gitar Plus Magazine
i played "No Boundaries"speed kills.. Lovely song from Michael batio !!!

I would like to Thank.. Everyone that always support me all the time..
Thank you very very very Much To All CarparelliGuitars Family. Uncle Terry, Babba Mike Carparelli, James Carparelli..and uncle Laurie Monk
And to my Uncle Michael Angelo Batio and Elliott Rubinson. Thank you so much for the great support
and to all my Dearest Uncles,aunts,brothers,sisters,and friends from alll over the world.. i luv y'all.

and.. to Om Muhammad Arief (ungki), Leodet, Do Ro, Indra kak Jane Luvena.
thank you so much for the great support
and to all Musicians at Gitar plus.. thank you so much...
Tante Caesilia, Om Mudya,Om Bobby Ngok, Om Ahmad, Om Faisal Aja, Om Andy Owen, Om Ezra Om Hendry kak Chika, Estefani..Etc etc...

at Gitarplus Divaldi plays No Boundaries Speed kills (LIVE) HD