Joao Luzio: announces the imminent arrival of his latest album

Hi Everyone,
It gives me a great pleasure to announce that my second album "Genuine & Odd Distractions" in now officially out!
I can't thank enough all the people who have been involved this past year to make this work come out. I feel a sincere and deep Gratitude. Thanks.
It would make no sense post a photo without the main character of this album, a dear little friend who has seen those Musics grow everyday for the past months. 
But, as Music is this big language, it would make also no point without everyone who has been sharing links, posting comments, giving "likes" thru facebook, and so much more... Thank You!!
This album is for You, for Everyone who has been Genuinely around me and for Life itself. I hope to be worthy of it.
Thanks also to all Guest Musicians (Joao Colaco, Seth Govan, GonçaloGoncalo PereiraMassimo CavalliFabio Ramos)
If you share any interest on holding this little piece of Music that have a been part of my Life for the past year, please contact me at
There are more surprises a news coming!!! . I'll be in touch!! 
Thank You.
Have a great weekend dear Friends.