Scott Gailor: set ready for summer NAMM

Scott Gailor

Ok guys here my performance schedule for Summer Namm 2014 Day: Friday, 7/18/14 Time: 2pm to 3pm Room Number: 211MR Rockin Glenn Chapman will open things up, then I'll answer some questions about Stone Tone Guitars RockBlocks and "Official" Floyd Rose. I'll being playing to tracks and I will allow you too video if ya like! PM me or just swing by the booth, I be floating around Namm and Nashville, I have pics from Pickstrap Picks Aron Marten and I have The Flying V Leg Rest from The Flyingv Leatheracc to check out and as always I will have my GRUV GEAR fret wraps with me. Hope to see ya'll there. Simply put you guys are why I get do this, so say hi!!!! Thanks everyone and I'll see ya in Nashville!!! Lesson will start up when I get back. I'm having my internet upgraded so the Skype lessons will be rocking!!!! SG