Derryl Gabel: Discount on DG Ultimate Virtuosity 15 Pack!

Hi Guitar Friends,
I hope you've enjoyed my instructional videos. Let me know if you have any questions about the material covered and your feedback is welcome.

I'd like to offer you a discount on my Ultimate Virtuosity 15 pack DVD and Download Set. Get all of my instructional DVDs, the downloads, and my Interactive Guitar Technique Ebook for the low price of $249.95 plus shipping MINUS what you have already paid. So for example, if you have previously bought the FIT DVD for $59.95 you could get my 15 pack DVD set for $190 plus shipping! Another option is you could use it against the purchase of the download only version. This would only be $140!
If you were to buy all the DVDs and the Ebook separately that would be over $500! If you are interested in this offer click here to send me an email.

Some well known players that have bought my DVDs are Dweezil Zappa, Alex Hutchings, Sam Bell, and Tosin Abasi. Check them out. Read the testimonials from people who bought my DVDs on my website or you can go to ebay and check my feedback.

Here is a brief description of the DVDs included below.

In Pentatonic Passages I show you how to use economy, sweep picking, and alternate picking to blaze up and down the fretboard with pentatonics using the 313 concept. I also show different rhythmic groupings and extended pentatonic lines using 3 note per string systems that traverse the entire fretboard.

In Supersonic Sweeping I show you interesting and exciting ways to use economy and sweep picking ideas with scales, hybrids, triads, and arpeggios. I will also cover ways to practice these to help you infuse them into your playing and glide effortlessly all over the neck.

In Supersonic Sweeping part 2 we get into the exotic melodic minor scale, modes, and arpeggios. I also cover new sweeping ideas not mentioned in part 1.

If legato is your thing check out my Cool Legato Phrases Part 1, 2, and Creative Tapping videos. Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders said he loved these.

If you need a stronger and more vast chord vocabulary I have you covered in my Mastering Chords and Harmony video. I show you a step by step, methodical, proven approach to attaining an extensive encyclopedic chord vocabulary. We start with simple triads and by the end of the 2 hour video we are covering complex altered extensions. Want to know and understand those Allan Holdsworth and Eric Johnson chords? It's all there.

If your fascinated by the increasingly popular "outside" playing concepts check out my series Outside Secrets parts 1-4. We cover the Charlie Parker and John Coltrane cycles, melodic minor and diminished substitutions, chromaticism, and much more!

If all this is over your head check out my best selling DVD, Fretboard Intensive Training. In this 2 and a half hour video we cover a lot of basics and fundamentals that will get you prepared for my more advanced DVDs.

In Afternoon with DG I cover my guitar setup, settings of all my amps and fx, how I record, software that I use for practice and making backing tracks, recommended books, and more!

Visions and Dreams was my first performance DVD. I play 5 tunes from my album of the same name and all the rhythm and lead parts are transcribed in tab and standard notation.

Lastly, you will get my Interactive Guitar Technique ebook. This is 250 pages of supplemental material. Tons of great ideas to help inspire you and help take you to the next level and beyond.

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