Guthrie Govan: Licks Eleven

Guthrie Govan - Licks Eleven

There are few guitarists on the planet that can improvise the most incredible and inspiring solos day in, day out. However, Guthrie Govan absolutely can. When he came to the JTC studio to film Licks Eleven we could have used all 8 different takes that were filmed. For this special package we have decided to add in a bonus video of one of the other takes, just to show you how magical Guthrie's improvisational skills are.

This track is literally crammed full of all sorts of twists and turns for you to analyse. Inevitably, you are going to fill your licks catalogue with a whole range of new Guthrie licks....and whether you master 5% or 95% of this track you will have learnt a hell of a lot.

For the chosen solo you get the included tab/notation in PDF/Powertab format, plus of course the video and solo track and finally the backing track to jam over as you learn. Premium members get instant streaming access by selecting the +MyTracks button.

Check out the preview below. For £4.99 this is an absolute steal!