Mikahel Raiden,Claudio Pietronik: Tao Inception - Rain Drops

Tao Inception - Rain Drops (Original) - Claudio Pietronik - Mikahel Raiden
Claudio Pietronik
This project takes life from the collaboration of Claudio Pietronik and Mikahel Raiden, with the mutual intent of promoting the Art of Giulio Negrini, the Luthier who realized the marvellous and very unique signature guitars (Brea "PK6" and 10 Strings "Shen") seen in the videos.
While working on it, the spontaneously increasing fun and feeling that grew between the Two musicians brought them to develop a project on its own... Tao Inception!!
The proposed music has the purpose of melting Meditative Arts and Musical Arts, wich leads (with the assistance of Loop Stations and Pedal Boards) to compose, arrange and play in real time, jointing Spirituality and Musicality, Rational and Emotional, Simplicity and Complexity, Shred and Groove.

Special thanks to Giulio Negrini, owner and producer of GNG Guitars... da Mastar Luthier that made this a dream-come-true! ;)


GNG guitars: http://www.liuteriagng.com/

Mikahel Raiden's youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/MikeRavenhunt