Rafael Moreira: classy performances from the Salvage Bar LA 2014 - Super Fusion

Yes, he is incredibly talented, and yes, you can see him most every week at Salvage Bar - why you don't, Ill never understand.

Check out the new CD by Magnetico in 2014.

Rafael Moreira performing at Salvage Bar in Los Angeles - June 2014

Rafael appears in downtown Los Angeles offering a rare close-up experience with the guitarist behind NBC's "The Voice" - CBS' "Rockstar: Supernova" and having performed and recorded with such fellow legends as Paul Stanley (KISS), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Pink, Don Felder (Eagles) and on nearly as many shows as Kenny Aronoff!!!

A class act and a superior guitarist, tho video is a good opportunity to enjoy some loose jazzy arrangements played off the cuff on a weeknight in Los Angeles.

Amazing stuff Rafe - many thanks!!

Rafael Moreira: Caught Live at the Salvage Bar