Sam Bell: New 8 String Tune and Two Finger Tapping lessons available

Here is a new tune playthrough. This tune is a re-work of an old tune I released a few years back but I have re-worked it a lot. I hope you enjoy this playthrough video. I couldn't resist the nice weather at the harbour near where I live!

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New 8 String Tune - Sam Bell (HD)


In this download I talk about the art of Two Finger Tapping, otherwise known as Bidexteral Tapping or Spocking! Adding two fingers to your tapping runs can really add a fluid, bubbly legato sound to your runs. In this tutorial I talk about my approach to this technique whilst taking you through a few key ideas that you can take and make your own.

There are NO TABS with this download this is conceptual only, I do take you through the licks note by note. The idea of the tutorial is about the concept rather than the licks.

1GB download – 30 minute HD 720p video

Two Finger Tapping Technique HD Download Lesson Preview Sam Bell