Claudio Pietronik,Mikahel Raiden: Tao Inception - Screaming Life, Breathing Peace

Tao Inception - Screaming Life, Breathing Peace (Original) - Claudi...
Claudio Pietronik
Hi Everyone!! Here we are, this is the second track by Tao Inception called "Screaming Life, Breathing Peace"!

This time, mine and Mikahel's target was to create a music of transition, of transmutation... the Life that, deep within Us, Screams to be heard thru Our resistances.. that wich call Us to rejoyce in Oneness... the very Life each one of Us Breathes, for Breath is the thread that ties creation together.. and the ultimate Peace We shall find when We yeld to Our Life, in a continuous "birth-growth-death-rebirth" process, wich We experience in each and every breath We draw...
Just as the "Phi"losofal Stone, We shall convert Our Resistances thru Our Breathing, and so Embrace the Gold of Life, Here, and Now!

Special Thanks to Giulio Negrini, for the fantastic guitars we used for recording, and to Andrea "Bana" Anastasi for mixing and post-production arrangement!

We sincerely hope You like it, and don't forget to subscribe to our channels to stay tuned with more coming music!

Claudio and Mikahel!

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Tao Inception - Screaming Life, Breathing Peace (Original) - Claudio Pietronik-Mikahel Raiden