David McDaniel,Brendon Williams: A Sense of Gravity - Stormborn Guitar Playthrough

David McDaniel,Brendon Williams: Travail - A Sense of Gravity

1.Wraith 06:38
2.Stormborn 04:02
3.Breakthrough 03:16
4.Answers Lost 04:42
5.Trichotillomania 07:03
6.Harbinger 04:59
7.Above the Horizon 03:35
8.Ration Reality 05:10
9.Weaving Memories 04:18
10.Spectre 08:58

C.J. Jenkins: Vocals
Brendon Williams: Guitar, Programming, Production
David McDaniel: Guitar
Brandon Morris: Keyboard, Guitar
Pete Breene: Drums
Chance Unterseher: Bass

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A Sense of Gravity - Stormborn Guitar Playthrough