Dimitar Nalbantov: Gora - the new album available.

Dimitar Nalbantov: Gora
From the sheep bells (Gora), through the refreshing brooks (Sacred Ground) and the Oriental and tribal dance dialog (Loong) to the crashing waves of the sea (Now and Then), you will feel the dignity of the Bulgarian people, the respect for a history and tradition spanning thirteen centuries, the significance of the past as a platform for building the future, the hope for sacred unison with nature.

If you don’t know much about Bulgaria, you’ll probably find the music enchantingly exotic. Moreover, Bulgarian folklore’s typical irregular beats/rhythms match perfectly the guitar-oriented rock which Nalbantov uses as a starting point, giving it a more progressive aspect - See more at: http://www.hypertextuality.net/album-review-gora-dimitar-nalbantov.html#sthash.Wnkax5IO.dpuf

Dimitar Nalbantov - GORA - 2014 New Album

Dimi Nalbantov - GORA 2014- Backing Tracks and Presets