Guthrie Govan, Brian Beller, Marco Minnemann: Bass/Drums Transcriptions/Tab/Backing Tracks For "Culture Clash" Available NOW!

Bass/Drums Transcriptions/Tab/Backing Tracks For "Culture Clash" Available NOW!

Bassists who pick this up will get PDF transcriptions (notation + tab) of every song on the album, personally proofed by Bryan Beller. They'll also get a set of music-minus-bass audio tracks - with guitar and drums only, for playing along. 
The drums package is the same, all verified by Marco Minnemann, with a little bonus: Drummers will get music-minus-drums tracks with click *and* without click, so they can play along either way. 
Guitarists shouldn't feel left out either. Protip: If you get the bass package, the no-bass mixes expose every nuance of Guthrie's playing in a way that you may not have heard before. Of course, if you want the guitar transcriptions, that's in the guitar package only. :-)
Meanwhile, we're full speed ahead on what will be called Culture Clash Live - a CD/DVD 2-disc set that will contain performances literally from around the world:
* Whittier, California, USA
* Mexico City, MEXICO
* Manchester, UK
* Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS
* Bangkok, THAILAND
* Tokyo, JAPAN
Seven shows, six countries, three continents - it takes the Culture Clash concept to a whole new level! 
Plus, we're working on a special surprise for the Super Deluxe package. More details coming soon, but we hope to have it available by the end of 2014. 
Thanks as always for following along and being interested in our Aristocratic activities. And don't forget the last four shows of the Culture Clash World Tour:
The Aristocrats
Culture Clash World Tour
Final Europe Leg
Sep 1 - Porgy & Bess - Vienna, AT
Sep 3 - Cafe Rosenberg - Reykjavik, ICELAND
Sep 5 - P60 - Amstelveen, NL
Sep 6 - The Woolley Festival - Merkins Farm, Bradford Leigh, Bradford on Avon, UK
If you're closeby, come on out! It'll be a while before we're back out touring, so…you know what to do. 
Best wishes to all,
The Aristocrats