João Luzio: Genuine & Odd Distractions - the new album available\

João Luzio: Genuine & Odd Distractions 

This album is João second instrumental release with some very special guests for him such as SETH GOVAN, GONÇALO PEREIRA, MASSIMO CAVALLI & JOÃO COLAÇO.

The name of this album, as well as the overall concept of its tracks, was chosen to describe the genuine times we all had (and hopefully still have) in Life. Those moments when dreaming and try to live our dreams was not an option but a lifestyle.

The word "Odd" in this album have two interpretations The first is because I truly love writing in odd time signatures, making groupings of notes and discovering rythms. The second one is because this word is usually used to describe something unusual.

But what is "odd"? Is it odd to do what you dream everyday? Well, odd for me is exactly not doing what we love. I believe that doing it brings us happiness and peace.

Finally, the "distraction". Well, what is your distraction in Life? What is the thing that makes you dream and motivates your journey everyday? That's what we should be looking for right? Lets find out.

This Album is dedicated to everyone around me who helped to make my Life stronger everyday dispite any challenge. I deeply thank you with Gratitude.

Wish you all the best! Have a Great Life!

João Luzio - 6776 (Genuine & Odd Distractions)