Steeves Hostin: Beyond The Dust - Last Breath - Official Guitar Playthrough

Ok, we know that we've been teasing for ages about this album and we really apologize for that but, believe it or not, the album is on its way to the factory for final production and IN EXACTLY 2 MONTH starting from today, ""KHEPRI"" will be released through our label DOOWEET RECORDS (THIS TIME IT'S FOR REAL).

On the other hand, our good friend Igor Omodei is fully working on our very first music video featuring a brand new song out of the album and this wont be long to be released as well (don't worry we'll make enough noise over the web so you wont miss this).

Last but not least, we'll be booking plenty of shows and tours everywhere to promote our little baby. If you wanna see us in your city or onboard us on tour with you don't hesitate to message us at :

So to thank you all for your patience and support here is a playthrough video of our previously released track ""Last Breath"". Hope you'll enjoy it and get ready for November 10th !


Beyond The Dust - Last Breath - Official Guitar Playthrough