Stéphan Forté: Masterclass Tour Confirmed, plus discount on pre order of the new album

Masterclass Tour Confirmed:

Dates for the masterclass are there guys! Some events are already up on facebook, but without further ado:

Nov 2 / Montpellier - Oliver Pub
Nov 3 / Nimes - Guitar Academy
Nov 4 / Marseille - Noizless (Privé)
Nov 4 / Marseille - MLC Academy
Nov 5 / Toulon - Lieu TBC
Nov 6 / Grenoble - Guitare Land
Nov 7 / Lyon - Lieu TBC
Nov 8 / Strasbourg - TBC
Nov 9 / Nancy - Lieu TBC
Nov 10 / Metz - Lieu TBC
Nov 13 / Paris - Lieu TBC
Nov 14 / Nantes - Michenaud
Nov 15 / Tours - lieu TBC
Nov 16 / Avranches - Art''n'Drums
Nov 17 / Sarlat - ACE Music
Nov 18 / Toulouse - BE Acoustic

You can already buy tickets for Montpellier and Nantes on the store here!
Preorders to arrive before the release date:
It's all in the title guys, for those of you who have pre-ordered, or will, Enigma Opera Black will be in your mailboxes before the release date! That is already a cool fact in itself, but I have been told that it might even be WAY before release in some cases. So keep an eye open, and if you haven't pre-ordered just yet, you definitely should! Add that to the fact that Stéphan will be autographing it to your names and we have a pretty cool combination, and it still has a 13% discount! I mean, why are you still here? Go preorder! Now!!