Vinai Trinateepakdee: Bad Social - new track from Jam Track Central

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Vinai T is back with a classic new full length track. This composition was written by and features Samsung Wattanakun (keys) and Note Weerachut (drums), Thailand's most sought after rhythm section....and man, can they play!! Vinai then comes along, axe in hand, and glues the whole track together with a blistering performance, as expected. This track has it all....catchy melodies, bad-ass riffs, and some awesome solos full of great licks.

You can learn every note of this track with trusty JTC tab/notation, as well as jam along with the guys using the included backing track. The video will also help you dissect each and every lick!
Vinai T 'Bad Social' at

Vinai T 'Bad Social' at