Ben Higgins, Jonas Tamas, Richie Allan: Riff Axelerator for Jason Becker

We are doing a Jason Becker pack with all money going directly to him to assist him with his medical bills. So not only will learn some of his actual licks and techniquesfrom the Perpetual Burn album by using Riff Axelerator, but you will also be helping him out directly. To help raise awareness for Jason, some high profile players are recording the parts.

So far Ben Higgins, Jonas Tamas, Richie Allan and Jon Beckx are almost finished their parts, and while we can't confirm just yet, there is a very strong chance some of Jason Beckers guitar buddies will help to finish it off. To keep up to date with details, like our Facebook page

Help us to spread the word. If you like what we are doing, a quick like/share or post about Riff Axelerator will help move things along so that we can make riffs/licks you are interested in learning.