Dominic Dawes: 20 Ultra Cool Jazz Lick

20 Ultra Cool Jazz Licks

This is the perfect package for all you players out there who need a proper introduction to Jazz improvisation. Dominic Dawes, an experienced Jazz player, brings you 20 Ultra Cool Jazz Licks! Here he teaches you how to get that 'outside' sound over a simple backing track by looking into pentatonics, chromaticisms, moving around different tonal centres, arpeggios, double stops, II-V-I progressions, dominant/tonic harmony and substitutions using diminished arpeggios.

Each lick comes with slow/fast video playthroughs, audio, tab/notation and thorough notes written by Dom explaning the relevant theory. After working your way through Dominic's licks you'll be creating your own ultra cool jazz licks in no time!

It is available to purchase and download right now, whereas Premium Members just hit the +MyTracks button for instant access!

Check out the preview video below of what to expect and then get ready to learn some ultra cool jazz licks!

20 original licks
20 live videos (fast/slow)
Backing and jam tracks
TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
Bonus technique/theory notes

*New* 20 Ultra Cool Jazz Licks by Dominic Dawes