Moa Henriksson: Dead Heroine @ Lucky Strikes (Hollywood, CA) 2014-09-22 - Jack Lue Series

Moa describes her journey from Sweden to touring with Kiss tribute band Priss and forming her own rock band Dead Heroin

  • Swedish 
  • They had a bass at home, so she started with that and then fell in love with the guitar 
  • Played at 13 with 3 guys 
  • Friend of hers recommended her for Priss 
  • Won a competition to play Kiss cruise, play Bahamas (alongside Kiss) 
  • Dead Heroine, female hero, was listening to Dead Sara while Nate was listening to Protest theHero 
  • Moved to LA because she always wanted to live here 
  • Came 19, went home, saved money to live there at age 21 and it worked 
  • Opportunities amazing in LA 
  • Lyrics-chord progression, writes mostly about own experience 
  • He thinks with the brain, she thinks with her heart 
  • Records voice-memos on her phone and writes down lyrics 
  • Wishes she started playing guitar earlier 
  • Iron Maiden got her into rock 
  • Played House of Blues in front of 4 people , 2 years later she played main stage! 

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