Joe Satriani, Tosin Abasi, Guthrie Govan: G4 Experience Video Roundtable

Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani, Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders) and Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats) sit down in a video conference with Guitar World Senior Editor Andy Aledort and discuss their approach and thoughts about guitar, technique, inspiration and the upcoming G4 Experience.

More than a show, more than a seminar, more than a backstage pass, the G4 Experience will give you musical inspiration and guitar ideas that will keep you playing for years to come.

For the G4 Experience, Joe Satriani, Animals as Leaders (featuring Tosin Abasi, Xavier Reyes, Matt Garska), The Aristocrats (Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller), and Mike Keneally team up and will be performing, teaching, and offering everyone who attends a chance to jam with them. All of these amazing players will be sharing their guitar knowledge and musical insights with the campers, and doing unique, close-up performances. Also featuring special guests Andy Aledort, Doug Doppler, Bruce Bouillet and Stu Hamm.

On June 28th - July 2nd, 2015, the G4 Experience will be the center of the guitar universe. Be there!

Joe Satriani, Tosin Abasi, Guthrie Govan - G4 Experience Video Roundtable