Hedras Ramos: gets a limited edition signature guitar

Hedras Ramos

Hi guys to start 2015 I want to share with you this information, This is a limited edition of my new signature guitar made by Cort Guitars and Bassesavailable only in 4 countries, I'm very excited and I feel very honoured about this, I've been playing this guitar for the past 2 weeks and it feels totally right for me. If you are in Guatemala, Peru, Vietnam or Singapore please go and check it out, the names of the stores appear on the photo! Special thanks to Manny Herrera for the awesome pic.

...year we had so many adventures like going to Asia that I still can't process on my brain, and so many things I understood about music during my dedication and transcription work during this year I'm really inspired and motivated, lots of great projects and music for next year, my best wishes to all my fellow guitar players and best wishes in your music and journey! 

Hedras Ramos is also expected to appear at NAMM.