Paul Gilbert: talks Fugu with Planet Mosh

A bit ago, I saw a guy playing bass with his teeth. At a pop gig. Seriously. It had a killer “this bassist is at the wrong gig” vibe for a few seconds. It reminded me of you, and your gear trickery! What are the latest gear tweaks or innovations you’ve had a hand in or are ‘researching’? The major change seems to be… “No headphones”. You’ve made a leap to IEM’s – why the switch?

Actually, I’m just wearing ear plugs. In-ear-monitors drive me crazy. They don’t block out the stage volume very well. I think it’s something with the shape of my ear canal, because I’ve talked to other people that love them. But on this recent tour, I just cranked up my guitar in my monitor wedge, and wore ear plugs. I can’t hear the details that well, but I don’t really need to. I’ve been playing so long, that I can play without hearing! My latest gear discovery is not as dramatic as playing bass with one’s teeth, but I still like it… I decided to use an effects loops switching pedal to turn my wah-wah on and off. That way I can tell if it’s on by looking at the LED on the switcher. Since I’m wearing ear plugs, it’s really important that I can tell visually if the pedal is on or not.

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