John Petrucci: Dream Theater Triaxis demo

For the 2014 Along for the Ride tour, Dream Theater’s John Petrucci scaled his MESA® touring rig down to a Triaxis™ Preamp, a 2:90™ Power Amp and two Rectifier 1x12 cabs and two 1x12 Mini Rectifier™ cabs. When John visited the Mesa factory last year he brought his live rig to the Mesa Video Lounge to walk us through the signal chain and to play through the rig.

Signal Chain: Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty 6-string guitar – Pedals (Grid Slammer™, Tone-Burst™, Jim Dunlop EVH Phase 90, TC Electronics Dreamscape, Analog Man Juicer Compression pedal, Boss Dimension C) – Triaxis – AxeFX (FX Only) – 2:90 Power amp – Rectifier 1x12s and Mini Rectifier 1x12s.

Recorded with a Shure SM57 and a Shure KSM 313.

For more info on the Triaxis:

2:90 power amp:

Rectifier 1x12:

Mini Rectifier SLANT 1x12:

Have you seen John Playing the Mark Five: 25™ in the MESA/Boogie® Tone Lounge?:

John Petrucci Dream Theater Triaxis™ / 2:90™ / 2014 Rig Tour Demo