Marco Sfogli: now a Victory Amps endorser with the V30

Marco Sfogli
So it's been a while now and I guess is time to tell the truth. It's been two wonderful years with Marco De Virgilis and the good guys at DV Mark, they pushed me like nobody did before and I'll be always grateful for the good times spent laughing, talking amps and life, late night shenanigans and whatnot (plus all the new friend and long time heroes that I had the chance to meet during this time). But for me as a professional, whether in the studio or live having more tools is essential to get the job done as quickly as possible. I'll continue using their Multiamp where possible as well as all my digital studio gear like the Axe FX or the Kemper (yes, I got a Kemper as well and it is awesome) and whatever would make my job easier (used a cheap and small Zoom 9002 for years and on countless recordings as well, can you believe it?). This said, I'm extremely proud about revealing that I'm now a Victory Amps endorser and that the V30 (the small lunchbox amp with a killer tone) will be my main live amp from now on. Thanks to Lee Captain Anderton and Martin Kidd for this opportunity, can't wait to let you hear what this amp can delivery! Please avoid any unnecessary comment or "this vs. this" thread because it will only led me to delete the posts smile emoticon

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