Vinnie Moore: discusses Red Zone Rider, UFO and more with Rock Music Star

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Vinnie Moore discusses Red Zone Rider, UFO and more with Rock Music Star's Thomas S. Orwat Jr:

RMS: I also want to discuss the other band that you’re involved with, Red Zone Rider. This is a great band that also features Kelly Keeling on vocals/bass, and Scot Coogan on drums. You released your debut CD last year, and it’s really solid. It kind of has a bit of a Winery Dogs vibe to it; were they an influence at all?

VM: No, they really weren’t any direct influence. It was a project that happened very quickly when I had some time available. I found out that Kelly also had some time available, so we started talking about putting something together. So, we wrote some songs, found a drummer, and put together a record. We were very happy with the way that it came out. The only template that we had for that record was that we wanted to make something that had a 70s vibe to it.

RMS: Are there any plans for Red Zone Rider to continue on? Maybe tour and put out another record?

VM: Yes, we want to do some touring. We would also love to do another record; we all loved the last one. But yeah, I do think there could be some stuff coming soon. It’s just a matter of us finding the time to do it.

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