Bernie Beibl: Guitar Yoga course!

I'm more than happy to announce that my friend Marko Zirkovich and I finally released another Guitar Yoga course.
Level 3 - Advanced concludes our ground-breaking series.

Become a better player, no matter what level you are at, with the help of our unique courses that challenge you
both physically as well as mentally on the guitar.

Guitar Yoga has you covered...

Good news:
Now there are also bundles for multiple levels available that will help you save money. For instance, by going all-in
with our Guitar Yoga Complete bundle you are actually getting one level for free compared to buying them individually.

Whatever option you choose though - make sure to at least enroll as a student in our Lessonz school at:

Secure your access to our free content area that we just started and will be focusing on, now that our premium course series
is completed.

Stay tuned,

Rock'n'Roll \m/ \m/


Guitar Yoga - Excerpts from Level 1 - Beginner

Guitar Yoga - Excerpts from Level 2 - Intermediate

Guitar Yoga - Excerpts from Level 3 - Advanced