Jakub Żytecki: Album Cover Art - Special Limited Edition Album and Demo Track from the new album

Jakub Żytecki

Hey!  So this is the main cover art for my album - the thing on the left I mean.  On the right side, you've got all the titles that went to the LP.  So...I guess there are only 12 days left... All artwork credit goes of course to my brother Michał Żytecki.

A new song off my upcoming album "Wishful Lotus Proof'' (March 26th 2015) featuring Piotr Gibner of Proghma - C and Moose The Tramp.

If you're interested in getting a LIMITED EDITION physical copy of the album, go HERE:

The album was recorded and mixed by me at my family house in southern part of Poland. A nice, cozy place in the woods.  Peter's vocals were recorded at Meksyk Studio owned by Krzysztof Pająk.
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