Andre Nieri: 20 Diverse Fusion Licks

20 Diverse Fusion Licks

Andre Nieri debuts with some incredibly diverse and versatile fusion licks that will expand your creativity and help you find your own voice on the instrument. These licks will help build your fusion repertoire, maintain and grow your chops while inspiring fresh ideas both melodically and rhythmically. Mastering these licks will equip you with a vast number of fusion concepts and techniques used by all the Fusion greats! A must have!

Andre says ‘I like to push the limits of my playing, always experimenting with new ideas and concepts … I like to be as versatile as possible in this package a lot of stuff such as expressive bluesy melodic lines, fast finger picking, alternate/economy picking, syncopated double stops and so on.’

Theoretically, when you really start to break down Andre's incredible licks you'll find all sorts of gems including; chromatic movement, tritone substitutions, altered dominant scales, Lydian Dominant scales, Dorian Modes, minor pentatonic and blues scales, wide interval licks, diminished-flavoured licks, plenty of fast passages and some tasteful wide stretched arpeggios!

There is a lot to learn from these licks, and this is just the start! Once you have mastered these licks keep checking back for future new content from the incredible Andre Nieri!

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes.

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