Dhalif Ali: Suhr Classic Antique FIESTA RED Playthrough

Suhr Classic Antique FIESTA RED Playthrough
Jamming with my new Suhr Classic Antique!
My thoughts on the guitar : From the outside, it might look like a regular stratocaster, but the first moment i handled it the even C neck profile fits my hand so well it really felt like home!! the feel of the roasted maple neck was so smooth going up and down the fretboard. the piece i have had some weight to it like a nice chunk of alder. the gotoh 2 point bridge was really stable, it came out of the box with a loose whammy bar, but a few turns of the hex screw located behind the socket fixed it! it was tight, responsive.. it flutters wonderfully! im a huge fan of HSS config with a 5 way switch so thats a major plus, the ML single coils sounds fantastic!