Stuart Bull, Tom Quayle, Hayley Leggs: The Electric Guitar Show an exciting new WebTV series fund raiser


Help us create The Electric Guitar Show an exciting new WebTV series created by guitarists for guitarists. Hosted by Stuart Bull, Tom Quayle and the fabulous Hayley Leggs TEGS is a fast moving format packed with guitar chat, features, interviews, gear reviews and star profiles. Above all TEGS is going to be fun with some great guitar playing from our hosts, our guests and our superb in house band.

All musicians share a special bond and TEGS wants to make that bond with the estimated 50 million guitar players out there across the world. Witty, edgy and driven by the adrenaline of a live audience there’s something for everyone whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

We are looking for £30,000 to fund the first series of six 45 minute shows which will be available FREE on, Youtube and Vimeo during the summer 2015. We hope to build a fan base which will enable further series ofTEGS to build the global TV audience the electric guitar truly deserves.


Throughout the series we will celebrate the style, sound and career of some of the world's greatest players. Each show will feature an artist and here the band really show their talent with some fantastic tributes. In My Guitar History we ask a guest how they came to chose their current axe and hear some of their embarrassing guitar stories of the past. Stu then guides them through the tricky Star with a Reasonably Priced Guitar challenge. You can also ask Stu about that difficult guitar part in Riffbusters.

Tom is not only a brilliant player but has that special gift to explain the technical side of guitars and guitar gear. Tom gives us some great tips on everything from guitar buying to equipment reviews to finding that elusive guitar tone. You can also contact him to solve your own guitar problem.

Hayley takes TEGS out on the road and is working on stories like Why Relic a Perfectly Nice Guitar?, Attack of the Cover Bands and Marshall: 50 Years of Glory. She also takes a regular peek at some of the Online Guitar Heads who inhabit the internet. We will also introduce Professor Rock – journalist Malcolm Dome is our very own walking talking encyclopedia of rock.

There’s also a chance for you to play a part in the programme. We will be using the best comments and ideas from our social media site. There will also be competitions with some great gear prizes and giveaways.

Please visit for more background on our presenters, guests, band as well as what’s coming up. You can also browse some of our exclusive merchandise.