Vincenzo Avallone, Kirill Konyaev, Gabriel Soares: Escape Velocity

1.SG-1 05:20

2.Ascension Ft. Gabriel Soares (Hagbard) 03:52

3.Space Battleship 31 05:06

4.Gliese 581-G 03:13

5.Stars Between Us 04:15

6.By Your Side 04:31

7.Escape Velocity 04:25

8.Sub-Orbital Love 04:32

9.Samsara 04:15

10.Home Planet 03:02

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released 23 April 2015

A special thanks goes to my friends around the world who helped me making this album as well as guest artist who kindly accepted to play over it :D

Vocals and Lyrics on SG1,Ascension,Space Battleship 31 and By your Side by Ruan C. Elias.

Vocals and Lyrics on song Stars Between Us by April Gibson.

Bass Guitar by Kirill Konyaev

Guest solo on Ascension By Gabriel Soares from Hagbard

Composed,Performed,Mixed,Mastered and Produced by Vincenzo Avallone at Deep Water Recordings in 2014/2015.