Derryl Gabel: "Visions and Dreams" and "Fusion Solos" new books and Guitar Pro files

Hope you had a great weekend. Many of you have my instructional DVDs and have been working on a lot of my unique concepts and soloing ideas. What better way to see these in action than to get my Visions and Dreams Songbook and my Fusions Solos transcriptions. Not only will you see and hear how I use these concepts you will learn a lot of new licks and fusiony chord voicings and progressions.

I posted a commercial of sorts on youtube for the Visions and Dreams Songbook. It's basically a screen shot of Guitar Pro software playing the "Tell Me" transcription. Go here to check it out. This actual recording is here.

The Visions and Dreams Songbook and Fusion Solos comes in Guitar Pro format and PDF.

The Visions and Dreams Songbook comes in 3 versions

1. The Digital Download Version. This includes all the Guitar Pro 6 files, the PDF files and the mp3s of each tune and the backing tracks.

2. The CD-ROM version- comes packaged in a hardshell DVD case with artwork. Also included is the digital download which you will receive links for once your order is placed.

3. The spiral bound hard copy in paperback signed by me, the CD-ROM version, and the digital download- This paperback book has protective see through covers and is made with high quality paper. The book contains a total of 370 pages.

Fusion Solos only comes in CD-ROM and Digital Download versions.

As stated earlier, each tune is in the Guitar Pro 6 format. Guitar Pro 6 allows you to loop and slow down individual licks and or sections to practice with. If you don't have Guitar Pro 6 software I have included all the parts in the PDF format as well. Each GP6 and PDF file contains the transcription of the guitar solo, the rhythm guitar, and bass parts in guitar tab and standard notation. I have also included performance notes describing techniques used as well as liner notes and gear setup. Not only that but you will also get mp3s of the tunes and the backing tracks! Fusion Solos does not include the backing tracks since most of the solos are guest solos that I did for other artists.

If you want some amazing guitar and bass licks, great compositional ideas, super cool chord voicings and progressions, and tons of inspiration pick up your copy today!