Eoin Culhane, Ciaran Culhane: Shardborne - Not That, Axis - Guitar Playthrough

Living Bridges features artwork by artist Duncan Storr [Scale the Summit, Skyclad] .
Shardborne Release Guitar Playthrough for 'Not That, Axis' & Divulge More Album Details!

Three weeks to go until the release of Living Bridges and Ireland’s Shardborne have put together a playthrough video for one of the tracks, ‘Not That, Axis’ featuring guitarists Ciaran and Eoin Culhane. Living Bridges is set forrelease on July 10th via Out On A Limb Records.

Living Bridges is Shardborne’s debut album having only previously released an EP back in 2011. The EP, entitled Aeonian Sequence, served as a great introduction to Shardborne’s progressive instrumental style, amassing acclaim across the prog metal sphere. No mean feat for a four-track release.

The band talks about the EP and how they’ve progressed to Living Bridges, “We didn't set out to create something different but we wouldn't consider Living Bridges to be a direct continuation of Aeonian Sequence musically. The song writing process has pretty much stayed the same but since there have been a few years since the EP's release, our musical tastes, styles and interests have changed. We felt we had much more to work with when we began the song writing process for Living Bridges.”

With four years having lapsed since the release of the EP, anticipation is running high with the Living Bridges release only around the corner. Fans have heard snippets of the album during the band’s live shows, which has whetted their appetites even more for the forthcoming release.

The band offers up more information on what they can expect, “Living Bridges is a culmination of musical styles, concepts and several years of writing the album. Spending a lot of time writing the album gave us time to continuously shape songs and bounce ideas off each other. The main point of focus throughout the writing of the album was on honing our song writing and the creation of strong sounds and concepts throughout the album. We aimed to create something we would be proud to release and believe we have done so.”

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SHARDBORNE | Not That, Axis | Guitar Playthrough