Jason Becker: Fundraiser info site live !!

In September, we are doing a Jason Becker Fundraiser pack with all money going directly to him to assist him with his medical bills. So not only will learn some of his actual licks and techniques from the Perpetual Burn album by using Riff Axelerator, but you will also be helping him out directly. To help raise awareness for Jason, some high profile players are recording the parts.

Fundraiser http://www.riffaxelerator.com/jason-becker/

Each week from now up to the launch in September we will be revealing a new instructor, and which lick they are contributing. Like our Facebook page below to keep in the loop!

Here is the dedicated Facebook site. Each week or so, we will update with new instructors/players and which licks they are going to teach you.


Help us to spread the word, the more people that hear about this, the more money we can raise for the Becker family. We are hoping for $50,000, lofty goal, but achievable with your help.

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Jason and the Riff Axelerator team,
Play better, faster!