Manufactured Existence - Cyber Licks Episode #1 - video + free tab

Here's the first episode in my new Cyber Licks video series!

It's a guitar lick from an upcoming song called "Manufactured Existence"

Cyber Licks Episode #1 (video + free tab)

Each week, I'll demonstrate a new lick and give away a free guitar tab.

The first few episodes will feature licks from The Human Affliction, then I'll also be covering licks from my other albums too.

Simply send me a message (reply to this email), and let me know if there are any licks you would like me to cover in future episodes. It can be anything from Assimilate Regenerate, Interactive or any of my guest solos.

Feel free to share the video with friends on Facebook and Twitter. There's a link in the video and on the Cyber Licks webpage.


Paul Wardingham
The Human Affliction

Paul Wardingham | CYBER LICKS Episode #1#