Chris Letchford: Scale the Summit - "Trapped in Ice" Teaser

It's time for preview number VII of the new SCALE THE SUMMIT album "V"!

Today, meet "Trapped In Ice." The video below shows how cover artist Duncan Storr decided to represent the title in the album's artwork.

Says bassist Mark Michell, "It's fun to have an all-out, balls-to-the-wall song on the album. One of my favorite drum moments on the album is how the drums completely intertwine with the solo in the latter half of the song."

Check back tomorrow for another sneak preview of "V"!

SCALE THE SUMMIT - "V" (out 9.18.15)
1. The Winged Bull
2. Soria Moria
3. Pontus Euxinus
4. Trapped In Ice
7. Kestrel
8. Oort Cloud
10. The Golden Bird

Scale the Summit - "Trapped in Ice" Teaser