Silvio Gazquez: Night Sky - solo album from a very classy player - check it out!

1. Night Sky 04:51
2. City Lights 04:06
3. The Promise 04:45
4. Cry of Hope 05:07
5. Spring Day 05:29
6. Summer of 09 05:48
7. You Are My Life 05:07
8. November 04:31
9. In My Dreams 05:00
10. Sunset 05:20

Silvio Gázquez: Electric, Nylon String and Synth Guitar - Keyboards
Damián Righi: Bass
Tulio Gázquez: Drums
William Catena: Sax
Carlo Peluso: Piano/Keyboard Solos
David Catena: Percussion Programming

All songs were written and arranged by Silvio Gázquez

Mixed and Mastered at by David Catena
Cover Artwork by Betina Colombo
Produced by Silvio Gázquez
Co-Produced by David Catena

Especial thanks to: Betina Colombo for all her support and the art work. The great musicians who have helped me to give life to this project. David Catena for all his hard work and patience. Also to Claude Johnson, Darrin Goodman, José Montaño, my family, my friends and all the musicians who have inspired and influenced me through all these years.
released 04 July 2015