Jake Reichbart: The Look of Love, Burt Bacharach, Dusty Springfield, Diana Krall - fingerstyle guitar arrangement

Jake Reichbart

Guitarists! A brand new, full length, beautifully produced, widescreen video lesson teaching my arrangement of "The Look of Love" and much, much more (see performance below) is now available! The lesson runs one hour and 35 minutes and is available by DVD or download, contact me at jake.reichbart@gmail.com for your copy.

Whether you're into fingerstyle, jazz, solo guitar or just love this song, this lesson is for you! If I was to show only the notes I play, the lesson would probably only take 15-20 minutes...So why do my lessons have such a long running time? Because through specific song arrangements I teach solo guitar arranging in general. While I go over every note of the arrangement, I also branch out to many side topics that make any arrangement come alive - right hand, rhythm, harmony, dynamics, improvisation, etc. More info yet at my website http://www.jakereichbart.com