Luca Poma: Moon Reverie announce new web site

"Luca Poma is my favourite guitar player from Italy. It's always a pleasure to share the stage with him." ULI JON ROTH ( SCORPIONS)

"Since 1980 I have toured and met some of the greatest guitarists too many to name ,Luca Poma is one on them." GRAHAM OLIVER (OLIVER-DAWSON SAXON/ SAXON)

"Luca played in my band during my 2009 tour of Italy. He is a guitar ninja, and plays in the attack mode, so watch out for him, he will shred his audiences to pieces!" VINNIE MOORE (U.F.O)

"I had the pleasure of rockin' out on stage with Luca Poma, i'm all about thunder rock, and he's surely a thunder rock player and a very gifted musician." T.M. STEVENS ( MILES DAVIS, STEVE VAI, TINA TURNER)