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Tony Smotherman
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Rock is a universal musical language that is embraced by almost every culture in the world. At the same time, every culture has their own musical identity and traditions, rich in history and flavored with unique musical characteristics. Many contemporary rock, jazz and blues musicians infuse international flavors into their own music to craft fresh and intriguing solos and improvisations. 

Tony Smotherman’s World Rock Guitar, is your passport and express ticket to being able to flavor and distinguish your own solos and improvisations with 10 internationally influenced guitar stylings. 

“There’s a wealth of unusual chord progressions, exotic scales, and melodic approaches that lie within music from around the world. The guitar is the only instrument that's capable of emulating a multitude of other instruments, even replicating un-fretted or non-stringed instruments. All it takes is an open mind and an open ear!”

Tony will guide your fretboard journey around the globe from the uplifting and devotional sounds of the Congo, to the expressive and harmonic qualities of Indian music, to the Zen sounds of Japan.

“In World Rock Guitar, we’re going to explore the music of 10 different cultures and focus on some of their unique musical characteristics. We’ll then translate those characteristics to the guitar, sometimes emulating different instruments that might be synonymous with a particular culture.”"

You’ll play your way through 10 sets of lessons, each set focusing on how to emulate the harmonic qualities, embellishments and expressive techniques of a particular culture’s music, and then infuse those qualities into your modern rock solos, compositions and improvisations: African Rain, Japanese Meditations, Scotland Yard, Irish Gig, Turkish Sands, Soul Of India, Gypsy Magic, Lebanese Warrior, Greek Tears and Spanish Matador.

Each set of lessons includes an overview of the culture’s distinctive musical qualities, a traditional Performance Study and then an interpretive Performance Study in a Modern Rock setting, followed by detailed breakdowns for each Performance Study.

Tony demonstrates over rhythm tracks and then breaks it all down by stepping you through the key concepts, techniques and creative approaches that he used to perform the solos in the Performance Studies. All of the performances are tabbed and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes. 

You’ll also get Guitar Pro files so that you can loop and/or slow any section down as you work through the lessons. Plus, Tony generously includes all of the rhythm tracks for you to work with on your own.

Grab your guitar, stick your passport in your pocket, and let’s go around the world with Tony Smotherman…