Stacey Douglas: Cupid's Dead - great Extreme tribute N61

Just a bit of fun with an N61 and some classic Nuno riffs, an old fav of mine.

Cupid's Dead (Extreme Cover)

Check the album  The Skies Are Ours by ICOSA

1. Ermangulatr 06:55
2. The Skies Are Ours: 1 05:06
3. The Skies Are Ours: 2 03:57
4. Trepidation 06:35

Debut 4 track EP
released 20 June 2014

Tom Tattersall - 8 string guitars / vocals
Stacey Douglas - 7 string guitars
Jack Ashley - Drums

All material composed by ICOSA
Engineered mixed and mastered by Jack Ashley
Cover art concept by Hannah Tattersall

ICOSA - 'Trepidation'