Al Joseph: Line Integration Masterclass - favourite rhythmic concepts

Line Integration

Rhythm is such is an integral part of music. Through this masterclass series Al Joseph will teach you his favourite rhythmic concepts that you can integrate into your own lines, to step up the creativity in your solos!

By analysing one of his incredible solos, Al selects a few key ideas and concepts to focus on. By guiding you through the learning and integration stages Al shows you how to take simple concepts and integrate them into the creative and expressive sounds you here so frequently in his own playing.

The key ideas covered in this masterclass are as follows; Video Introduction, Motific Development, Cycling Explanation, Cycling Demonstration, 5 Cycling Exercises, Meter Shifting Explanation, 5 Meter Shifting Exercises, Meter Shifting Wrap Up, Line Integration Main Solo (+ Video Breakdown) and a Video Conclusion.

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package (which includes over 2GB of learning material!). There are full video masterclass lessons, 10 exercises, a full solo (plus video breakdown lesson), lick backings, extended jam tracks to practise the main solo or jam out your own, text notes and complete TAB/Notation!

This masterclass has a LOT to offer - and all for less than the price of a regular guitar lesson! So invest in your own playing, and your own creativity, by purchasing Al's masterclass and unlocking your full potential!

Introduction Video
Motific Development Video Lesson
Cycling Video Lesson
Cycling Video Demonstration
5 Cycling Exercise Licks Video/Audio
Meter Shifting Video Lesson
5 Meter Shifting Exercise Licks Video/Audio (Fast/Slow)
Meter Shift Wrap Up Video Lesson
Line Integration Solo Video/Audio Performances
Line Integration Solo Breakdown Lesson
Line Integration Conclusion Video
Exercise Backing Tracks
Solo Jamtrack (Fast/Slow)
Extended Jamtrack (Fast/Slow)
Full TAB/Notation For All Exercises/Example Solos
Lesson Notes by Al Joseph