Allan Marcus: Oakland Axe Factory SS7 2015 limited edition - huge tones!

Finally got the time to write a tune and do a proper vid with my new Oakland Axe Factory SS7! You may have seen my post about Tom Drinkwater and I doing a joint collab with this guitar, So here it is in all its metal glory! Check it in HD, share it and try to listen through a good monitor source. Its worth it! If ya dig it, order one! They rule!
All tracks were written and recorded on this guitar going right into my Peavey Ultra 60 into a Two Notes Audio Engineering torpedo live. Only the overdubs and solo has post effects.
The limited run is still available and is guaranteed to play and sound just as good as mine!
Specs are
-Alder body (choice of natural, black, red, blue, yellow or green dye with a thin satin finish.)
- Rock Maple neck with choice of Rock Maple or black Ebony fingerboard (early orders have a choice of free upgrade to something special for the neck wood ;))
- Jescar 57x110 extra jumbo frets at 16 inch radius.
- 24.75 to 26.188 multi scale with the 7th fret as the neutral.
- Choice of any Bare Knuckle Pickups that come slanted and in any color they make.
- Threaded steel bolt neck fastening system (Very important for me)
- One CTS 500k volume pot.
- Hipshot Products Inc locking tuners and single bridge top mount system (black)
- Specially designed headstock that features a compact design and straight string pull. Extra cool with the bridge as it minimizes hard break angles and keeps tension low also while reducing string "ping" at the headstock.
- Delrin nut.
- SKB reinforced soft case.
- Certificate of authenticity signed by both Tom and myself.
$1,500.00 USD that includes free shipping (!!!) with an $800.00 deposit.
4 month build time (that's a long shot estimate. We don't want to rush, or paint ourselves in a corner).
Only 10 of these will be made at these specs, so don't delay.
Contact Tom at for ordering or hit us up here for any details.
HD and PLEASE SHARE!!! Sharing is caring! wink emoticon You rule!!!

Oakland Axe Factory SS7 2015 limited edition.