Rob Scallon: Win a GHOST FRET!!! (video contest w/ Yousician)

Everything you need to enter:

Woo!... Winner will be announced on my 2nd channel:

To Enter:

- Learn the song using the 7 day free trial of Yousician. (minus the solo)
- Record the song and your own audition video for it.
- You can download the original drum, bass and solo tracks as well as some new Riffson footage if you'd like. (Song is at 140bpm btw)
- For the solo section, do whatever you want, write your own, use the original, leave it out, mime along with a bassoon, whatever!
- Videos must be submitted by January 4th.

Results will be announced a week after submissions close on my second channel:
Runners up will be featured on my 2nd channel as well.

Winner get's a brand new Ghost Fret and a year of Yousician Premium!
(will ship internationally)

Have fun :)

The original Super Metal Audition:

Song mixed by Fluff:

keep in touch...
Second Channel:

Win a GHOST FRET!!! (video contest w/ Yousician)