Alberto Rigoni: Bass Guy featuring Doug Wimbish, Stu Hamm, Anna Sentina and more

BASSORAMA is the latest album by Italian bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni. A powerful mix of funky, electro, ambient, rock, pop and experimental vibes. Also starring: Doug Wimbish (Living Color), Divinity Roxx, Stuart Hamm, Nik West, Steve Lawson, Anna Sentina, Lars Lehmann, Remco Hendrix.

"Bass Guy" official video clip:

releases March 30, 2016

Alberto Rigoni: bass, vocals, loops & e-drums

Doug Wimbish: bass on track 4
Divinity ROXX: vocals and bass solo on track 5
Stu Hamm: bass on track 3
Nik West: vocals and bass on track 10
Steve Lawson: bass on track 6
Anna Sentina: bass on track 2
Lars Lehmann: bass on track 8
Remco Hendrix: bass on track 7 & 9
Federico Solazzo: keyboards and e-drums on all tracks
Tommy Ermolli: guitars on track 3