Annie Grunwald: Annie Shred - The Shamanic EP - participate in the release!

Annie Grunwald

Annie Grunwald (known by most of her fans as "Annie Shred") has wowed millions of viewers on Youtube with her guitar playing & compositions, via her original songs, songs with her band Formless, as well as countless product demonstrations for her endorsement companies: Seymour Duncan, Ibanez, Dunlop

Hi all,
A while ago I came out with a track called "Slow Motion". It's an electronic-metal track I made that received some awesome feedback but also requests for better quality production- stoked to let you know an EP of this style has been put together!

Super lucky to have worked with Rémi Gallego of The Algorithm who mixed & mastered my new EP "Shamanic". Remi completely brought these tracks to life and made them sonically bigger and better. It's a short release but I'm excited to get it out there to you guys.

While the EP is finished, I still do need to manufacture the CD's, do the artwork etc. so I can get the music out to you! If you'd like to pre-order the EP, please donate to my indiegogo to receive a copy and also some other great prizes. Thanks to my best friend/manager Dave Reffett for taking the reins on this and putting it all together. Hope you all enjoy the music! xo

Title of EP: The Shamanic

Songs in Order-

Slow Motion
Etheric Body
-Instrumental Album

Electronic music with, metal influence and heavy rhythmic guitars. Custom instruments were made by Annie by sampling various instruments including her voice, guitar, toy dulcimers, mandolin etc to create playable synths in Ableton Live.
Collaboration with Remi from the band "The Algorithm", he mixed & mastered the EP and also had some creative input on arrangement and finesse of the music. Remi sampled melodies Annie wrote to create a portion of the track on the record.
The EP is inspired by Annie's dreams and spiritual experiences and how she made sense of them.