Carrie LW,Julien Gibson: Beyond Chronicles - Bereavement from our EP "SHATTER" !

Charles K : scream
Julien Gibson : rhythm guitar , vocals
Carrie L.W.: lead guitar
Niklas : bass guitar
Nate : drums

Formed in 2013, Beyond Chronicles is a Melodic Death Metal Band.

Powerful and inspired, the band offers both melodic and loud music, alternating catchy riffs, leads, guttural and clear vocals.

Offering energetic stage performance since 2014, Beyond Chronicles is one of the promising Metal act of the French scene. After having released a first studio sng called "No Rising Sun" and very appreciated by the public, they recorded "SHATTER" in the Lucas D'Angelo’s studio (Betraying The Martyrs).

Available since 2015, this EP 6 titles have been very well received by the public and media.

This is the Guitar & Bass Playthrough for the song "Bereavement" from our EP "SHATTER" !

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Beyond Chronicles - Bereavement (Guitar & Bass Playthrough)