Chris Letchford: Hal Leonard: "Progressive Rock Guitar Licks" • DVD/Book

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55 guitar licks for 6 string guitar + 10 bonus 7 string guitar licks!

20 Backing tracks by John Browne of Monuments: Preview: HERE

The 65 licks that comprise Progressive Rock Guitar Licks are demonstrated on the accompanying video and notated in both standard notation and tab. The licks are grouped according to the scales from which they are derived (A major, D harmonic minor, E Lydian, etc.) and include backing tracks, so you can immediately practice the licks with a full band!

Techniques used:
• Melodic and Syncopated Phrasing
• Slides, Hammer-ons, and Pull-offs
• Right- and Left-hand Tapping
• Alternate and Sweep Picking
• String Skipping
• String Bending
• Palm Muting
• Sweep Picking
• Arpeggios
• Vibrato
• Harmonics
• Position Shifts
• Rolling Bars
• Grace Notes
• Speed Bursts
• Economy Picking
• Double Picking

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