Marcel Coenen: Time Zone by Osv

The Alabama, U.S. instrumental prog metal/fusion group OSV has been around for a number of years and to say they keep a low profile would be a real understatement. I recently heard about the latest of their many albums especially when I heard that famed prog metal guitarist Marcel Coenen (Lemur Voice, Sun Caged) was now their regular guitarist. The thing I most liked about this band is just the shear joy of creation going on. You can tell that this music is being made by musicians who love what they do and stick to what they know best – creating sound instrumental fusion-inspired prog rock with plenty of space to let their guest soloists shine. If this style of music is at all your thing then you’ll enjoy OSV for sure. OSV is an outstanding "under the radar" band with tremendous musical ability and very dynamic songwriting!

1. Hour At Hand
2. Code Red
3. Moment of Silence
4. Great Divide
5. Time Zone
6. No Other
7. Merciful Fate
8. The Innocent
9. Again and Again
10. Lapse of Judgement
11. Repercussions
12. Strangeland
13. Questions Unanswered
14. Home At Last