Yvette Young: performs Hydra on CreativeLive - this town needs math rock

Live guitar playthrough by Yvette Young of her band's song Hydra at CreativeLive

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Yvette Young: performs Hydra on CreativeLive

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Currents EP by covet

1. Pelagic 03:17
2. Nautilus 03:55
3. Hydra 04:39
4. Charybdis 03:01
5. Currents 03:24
6. Sea Dragon 05:34

released December 20, 2015

Guitar/Vocals: Yvette Young
Sick harmonies: Sam Kohl
Drums: Keith Grimshaw
Bass: David Adamiak

Artwork: Yvette Young

Tracking: Nate Vennarucci
Mixing: Sean Lindeman
Mastering: Scott Craggs

Thank you to Angelia from Passion Planner for helping us all achieve our dreams